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El Rengle. Tiras cómicas

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These comic strips were made between 2001 and 2003 for the el Rengle (the Row) journal, that the Granollers City Council published quarterly to announce the city's cultural calendar.
Two characters, a boy and a girl (names unknown) deal with a different theme each issue, focusing on one topic of the cultural moment.

Made in pencil, ink and color by computer.
  1. El Rengle del Teatre – about the opening of the Theatre of Granollers
  2. El Rengle de Gegants – about the march of the Fira de l'Ascensió, focused in giants
  3. El Rengle de les Pedres – about the archaeological excavations in front of the church of Sant Esteve
  4. El Rengle de Nassos – about the performance of the Circ Cric in Christmas
  5. El Rengle de la Col – about the sculpture at Folch i Torres square, by Efraïm Rodríguez
  6. El Rengle dels Bastons – about the march of the Fira de l'Ascensió, focused in stick dance
  7. El Rengle de les Lletres Catalanes – about the Nit de les Lletres Catalanes, where many important prizes on Catalan literature are given (like the Sant Jordi of novel), and that year was celebrated at Granollers
  8. El Rengle Reial – about the coming of the Three Wise Men from the Orient
  9. El Rengle Ferroviari – about the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the train at Granollers
  10. El Rengle Passat – about the march of the Fira de l'Ascensió, that changed its timetable that year
  11. El Rengle dels Bolets – about the routes organized by the Natural Science Museum to learn mycology
  12. El Rengle de Disfresses – about the disguise opportunity market, by Carnival

Language: Català

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